Who runs this site?
The Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce would like to welcome you to jobsinvermilion.com. This website is one more source of employment information in the Town of Vermilion and surrounding areas.

How does this site work?
Local employers can post jobs on this site. The job board is promoted by the Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce.

How do I post a job?
Employers can post their own job using the self service form. Once submitted the job will be put up for review by the local chamber of commerce and once approved and paid for the job will posted to the public site.

How much does this cost?
Job Postings: (Jobs are posted for up to 30 days)
1 Job Posting = $50.00 + GST
3 Pack ($45 ea) = $135.00 + GST
6 Pack ($40 ea) = $240.00 + GST
12 Pack ($35 ea) = $420.00 + GST

What are my payment options?
You may pay by credit card made payable to the Vermilion and District Chamber of Commerce and we will post your ad for you.

What types of jobs can be posted to the site?
Full-Time, Part-Time and Temporary positions can be advertised on the site. The local chamber of commerce reserves the right to reject job postings of an adult or inappropriate nature.

Which industry sectors are included?
Employers from any sector may post on this site.

How long do the jobs remain posted?
Positions remain on the site for up to 30 days. Extensions can be negotiated.

Why can’t I post my resume on your site?
Contrary to what you might believe, employers do NOT spend countless hours browsing sites on the Internet to find quality candidates. These employers receive plenty of unsolicited resumes throughout the year, even when there are no positions available!

What options do job seekers have?
Please feel free to use our Job seekers forum to discuss job search strategies or ask questions about employment in the Vermilion area. Use the power of our community..